Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pahurat - Bangkok's Little India

There is a Hindu temple right down the street from our hostel, and it is surrounded by a few Indian restaurants.  Last night, we had such a good meal that we decided to try and figure out where there were more Indian restaurants in the city.
A google search led me to Pahurat, which is a collection of Indian businesses and a market centered around a Sikh temple.  We made our way there today and were not disappointed!  

We had some naan, okra and potatoes, channa dal, and a salty lassi at a vegetarian restaurant.  Almost every restaurant we came across in the area was vegetarian.
Then we stopped by Punjab Sweets, which had an amazing glass case filled with all sorts of delicious little treats.

This little turnover was filled with nuts and tasted a lot like baklava.
A view of the inside:
This was a tender cake soaked in rose water, and filled with frosting
I bought a bag of candy-coated fennel seeds.  I love these!  They are like tiny little Good N Plenties!
They were from New Delhi!
We were commenting on how we always seek out Indian restaurants - we've eaten Indian food in a bunch of places in the states, plus Rome, Dublin, Bangkok, Chiang Mai... we just have to try it everywhere!


bensbaby116 said...

Those candy coated fennel seeds are so much fun! I love Indian food too...I so wish that I could find a really good Indian restaurant around here.

That Girl said...

Guess what - I just decided we're moving in with you! Hope you have a spare room! Seriously - I am beyond jealous of your eating habits of late.

Joelen said...

Yum! Those indian pastries are delicious as we have them here (within walking distance from me!) however I'm sure the ones you have access to there are probably 1000x better :) The middle one is Galub Jamun - a popular Indian/ Pakistani sweet dish comprised of fried dough
(made of condensed milk solid and very little flour) in a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom seeds and rosewater or saffron. It looks like what you got was filled with an almond paste? They're one of my fave Indian pastries/desserts!

sweeetheartfever said...

i LOVE okra. i definitely need to figure out some more ways to cook it though.

great post!