Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day One

We wasted no time at all settling into our room... As you can see it is pretty small, but it has bright red bunk beds, a desk, and a nice big window.  The bathroom is down the hall.  I LOVE this hostel, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for safe, cheap accomodation in Bangkok.  It's my first hostel experience, and it has been amazing so far.  It's really close to the train, and it's on a fun shopping street with tons of restaurants.  I'm not even being paid for this: Lub-D. Take a look!

The great thing about the fact that we've been here before is that we don't feel obligated to see the sights, because we've already seen them.  We went straight to the mall for our first meal, because the food court there is amazing (and clean!) Don't worry - we'll be eating like locals really soon.
I got a stack of multi-colored rice:
A trio of dishes - Green curry chicken, Tom Yum Gai (Hot and sour coconut chicken soup), and a beef stir fry that had baby corn in it.  But FRESH baby corn. I didn't even know it existed.  I had only ever had the canned variety.  But now I'm completely hooked on fresh baby corn and I need some more! It's crunchy and sweet, and if I ever have to eat the canned stuff again I'll probably cry.
One of my favorite things ever: Fresh Salad rolls!

A little irony for you from the bathroom at the mall.  The sign is indicating that you should do your part to reduce global warming by using less toilet paper.  Great in concept, but the minute you walk outside and see the hazy brown sky due to the million motorbikes and tuk tuks, you realize there might need to be a little more effort put into reducing global warming than just taking a few fewer squares of toilet paper.
But I guess it's the thought that counts...

Today I'm off to two interviews... keep your fingers crossed for me!


bensbaby116 said...

Thanks for posting! Your hostel seems to be the perfect place to stay for a while, and the food at the mall certainly looks better and more interesting than the food at my local food court. :) Congrats on getting job interviews set up so quickly, and good luck!

Joelen said...

OMG - you're so right about fresh baby corn. It's absolutely way better than the canned stuff. I remember while I was overseas how much better the food tastes... (*sniffle... I miss being there!*) As for the bathrooms... You're lucky they even have toilet paper there. In many public restrooms in Philippines, there is no toilet paper. Patrons have to bring something to wipe with! (Such a crude tidbit especially to foreigners visiting Philippines - lol) Can't wait to read more about your adventures there. And good luck on your interviews!

Your Lub d Hosts (^_^)* said...

Hello there!

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We send you all best wishes and hope to see you again!

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That Girl said...

You're already a local - eating at a food court!