Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunday grazing

Sundays, when I don't have to work and Mike doesn't have class, are great days to wander around the city. We usually run across things we've never seen before, which is always fun. And because of our obsession with things food-related, we often end up grazing on street food all day long.  

On this particular Sunday, we found a Market near the mall. There was some great looking food I'd never seen before.
On the left are some delightful little creamy custards with corn, and on the right are sweet little coconut-coverd mochi balls (I'm not sure if it really is mochi, but that's what it reminds me of).
Here's a better look at the corn dessert.  It comes in a cute little banana leaf cup:

Really brightly colored desserts - I was intrigued but didn't try any...maybe next time!

Waffles are a huge deal here.  In Bangkok, there's a waffle stand in every SkyTrain station.  On our street, there's a cart that sells all different flavors.  These come in all sorts of flavors...taro, pumpkin, shredded pork, coconut...
I love these cute little banana leaf boats filled with egg and other mix-ins.
Our random wandering also took us to the main stage of the Flower festival, where we saw some great dancers.

I think the best way to see a city is just to start walking and see where you end up!  What have you been surprised to find on a walk during your travels?


Erin said...

Waffles, wow, who would of thought! Yum!

Joelen said...

What a great day to spend a Sunday!!

That Girl said...

There's a lot more English there than I would have thought. And I was immediately attracted to those custard cups!!!

Rebel said...

The brightly colored desserts are the ones that taste like glycerine soap, but I'm glad you tried the corn custard ones, I'd been afraid to, but I think I'll try it now.

OK - I *swear* I saw those same dancers here in Rayong a couple weeks ago, just wandering out to a market... heard music and went looking. Except they were wearing blue & white, but the same style of skirt, top and leggings and hair dealies, and the girl in white looks familiar. It was a bit surreal, but really fun... someone would lose a shoe on a high kick during each song. LOL!