Friday, March 6, 2009

Update your Reader!

Since my life has undergone a huge transformation as of late, I figured my blog should too. Fresh From Cate's Kitchen made sense as a title when I was cooking things every day, but now that I'm traveling the world, my kitchen time is extremely limited. I temporarily re-named the blog to "Cate In Thailand," but that isn't going to work for the long haul.

I decided Cate's World Kitchen makes more sense for the kinds of posts I'm doing these days, and I'm excited to make a new header for each new place I visit. I'll be in Vietnam in about 10 days, so you'll see a new header then with pictures of Vietnamese food. After that, I'll be in Cambodia and the header will change accordingly. I hope you'll keep checking back to read about my food-centered world exploration!

I moved my blog to Wordpress because I like the format better...but this one will still be around (plus you'll find all my old posts on the new site too!)

Please update your Google Reader (or whatever site you use to keep track of blogs) to

Thanks for reading!


Mary Ellen said...

Done! I've enjoyed reading about your adventures. My dad and sister were just in Vietnam in January - whre are you going? My dad did a blog on their trip -

Anonymous said...

hi! I did'nt realized you were moved to thailand! for how long, and why? how interesting!! I move to China in the summer of 2010!! so I'm interested to hear your experiences, although its an entirely differenet country. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, please ignore my typos! LOL! I swear I am not a moron!! I attend chinese class for 8 hours a day and my english gets worse as my chinese improves :D

Jaime said...

how cool! what brings you to these world travels? work?