Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Perfect Thai Iced Coffee

I pretty much stick to four main food groups here in Thailand: Iced Coffee, Fruit, Noodles, and Food On A Stick. Every day, I eat something from each group. I've made it my personal mission to find the best in each of these groups, and today I'm going to show you the best iced coffee in Chiang Mai. Don't try and argue - I've tried DOZENS of places and this one wins, hands down. It's also the cheapest place in the neighborhood!

I stop by this stand every day, and after about four days, the woman who works there started to recognize me. Now she starts on my coffee as she sees me approaching. Here's how the perfect beverage is concocted:

First, she puts a spoon full of sugar and a spoon full of creamer into a small glass.

Then, she pours Thai coffee into the glass. A lot of places make their iced coffee with regular brewed coffee, or worse, Nescafe, but this is the real stuff. It's made from oliang powder, which is coffee mixed with a little bit of sesame and corn, poured through a muslin filter.

Once the coffee is in the glass, she stirs it well to dissolve the sugar and creamer. Then she adds a generous spoonful of sweetened condensed milk and stirs.
She fills a tall plastic cup with ice, and pours some evaporated milk over the top.
Then, she pours the coffee mixture into the plastic cup that has the ice and evaporated milk.
And there it is...the perfect Thai Iced Coffee!

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